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San Diego Chargers bring in another quarterback for private workout


The San Diego Chargers have brought in another quarterback in for a private workout. 

The San Diego Chargers have looked at a number of different quarterback prospects this offseason that are possible selections in the upcoming NFL Draft. The highlight name that we have brought in is Marcus Mariota. That brought out a lot of speculation for the future of Philip Rivers on the team.

The team still is bringing in more quarterbacks for workouts though. The team will be bringing in QB Garrett Grayson in for a private workout in the coming weeks.

At the moment CSU QB Garrett Grayson has private workouts scheduled in the coming weeks with San Diego, St. Louis and Miami.

— Jeff Legwold (@Jeff_Legwold) March 23, 2015

Since Philip Rivers is not signed to a contract past this season, the team has to look at the possibility of someone else taking over the job in the following season. The team is bringing in some of the top quarterbacks of this draft class to see if the future quarterback is in the draft. They could be brought in and get a season to groom under Philip Rivers. Could Grayson be that quarterback for the Chargers?

Grayson is expected to be selected between the 3rd and 4th round in the draft. If the Chargers were to select him, they should wait later round to select him. That would require the Chagrers to acutally own a 4th round draft selection this season. Tom Telesco has traded that selection in every draft that he has run in San Diego. Will he do it again?

The Chargers have a number of needs on the roster that still need to be filled and quarterback will not be at the top of the priority list going into the draft. The team will need to find other playmakers on the roster for both offense and defense before they should put their focus on the quarterback spot.

What do you think about all the quarterback prospects being brought in?

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