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Mason Foster to the San Diego Chargers?


The Chargers are in need of linebackers and Mason Foster is available.  Mason is a former UW Husky and teammate of Donald Butler.  Foster really jumped onto the scene in 2010 when during his senior season with the Huskies when he posted 162 tackles.  An average of 12.46 per game.  He was drafted in the 3rd round (84th overall) by Tampa bay.

He was also the receiver on the immaculate interception in this game against the Arizona Wildcats.

He excelled in his first 3 seasons with Tampa Bay, but his production fell off last year when Lovie Smith arrived in Tampa and made some changes.

In his 4 years with Tampa he had 6 sacks and 5 interceptions and averaged over 85 tackles a year.

This morning started out with Mason Foster retweeting the tweet I sent him.  This can only mean that he is either already in contact with the Chargers or instantly got on the phone to his agent… or he just liked my tweet.

@Mason_Foster the Chargers need linebackers. @DAButler56 and Foster together again. Let's get this done. Signed, fellow DAWG and Bolt fan

— Mike Murray (@TazzsterMurray) March 19, 2015

This afternoon Donald Butler joined the conversation by responding to my tweet.

@TazzsterMurray @Mason_Foster would love to have my son around!

— Donald Butler (@DAButler56) March 19, 2015

This clearly can only mean one thing, Butler immediately got on the phone to TT to start making sure that the Chargers got this deal done.

And Mason Foster joined the conversation minutes ago…

@TazzsterMurray @DAButler56 I taught my lil son DB everything he knows…

— Mason_Foster (@Mason_Foster) March 19, 2015

The wheels are in motion people.  I am waiting at the airport for Mason Foster to arrive.

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