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Chargers meet with Melvin Gordon immediately after workout


The San Diego Chargers met with Melvin Gordon immediately after he was done with his Pro Day workout. 

The San Diego Chargers had some scouts out in Wisconsin to watch Melvin Gordon during his pro day.

Two scouts that talked to Gordon immediately after he was finished: Chargers and Texans.

— Jason Galloway (@Jason_Galloway) March 11, 2015

With Ryan Mathews likely to sign a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Chargers will be in search for their new lead back. Branden Oliver took a majority of the load while Ryan was sitting on the sideline with the injury, but he is not a back that the team should put all their trust in to carry the load.  Danny Woodhead will be back from injury and will be able to help. Donald Brown is still on the roster, but he was a bust last season.

The team could look toward the draft to add a new running back on the roster. Their eyes could be on Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon. The Chargers scouts were one of the first ones to reach out to Gordon after his Pro Day workout. He could be an option for the team in the first round of the draft.

Gordon ran behind a sick offensive line in Wisconsin and many scouts wonder what he would do in the NFL when his line won’t be able to move people like his college team was able to do. The San Diego Chargers offensive line is getting pretty stout after their latest addition. They could use one more player up front and then the line would be built to run over people. I wouldn’t mind seeing this kid run all over the NFL behind the Chargers offensive line.

Gordon would be an excellent player to add onto the roster. The team could look to rely on their running game and open up the passing game for Philip Rivers. Imainge having a solid running attack with Philip Rivers ready to pick teams apart in the passing game. Gordon would get the majority of the work with Branden Oliver and Danny Woordhead taking the passing downs.

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