FAKE: Brandon Marshall traded to San Diego Chargers

By Ernie Padaon

Brandon Marshall was not traded to the San Diego Chargers, but for a solid minute people thought he was because of this fake twitter account. 

I got all stoked for a stupid fake Ian Rapoport account and it looks like a bunch of people on twitter fell for that same thing too. Since I was already started to write this post up, I might as well just keep rolling with it.

Here is the fake account on twitter that said that the Chargers have made a trade for Brandon Marshall.

The #Bears have traded WR Brandon Marshall to the #Chargers for a late round draft selection. New weapon for Philip Rivers.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheel) March 5, 2015

@RapSheel is not @RapSheet.

That really looks like Ian Rapoport’s account. If you don’t look close enough, you would retweet that thing and create a firestorm. You just need one solid account to retweet it and it will burn down the internet.

I lost my mind for 1 solid minute, then people clued me in on the fake account. Just as disappointing as the regular season!

Here is what the reaction looked like after we found out it was fake:

@BB_Chargers lol what an ass hole. I was going nuts

— Carl Schroeder (@LankySwag) March 5, 2015

@BB_Chargers I got excited for a second too.

@bb_chargers get in line

— Loren C (@LorenSethC) March 5, 2015

@BB_Chargers *sneaks away*

— Dave Booga Peters (@BoogaP) March 5, 2015

@BB_Chargers search Chargers on twitter right now if you want to laugh.

— Arman Tosoonian (@Tosoonian) March 5, 2015

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