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Should the San Diego Chargers pursue Darnell Dockett?


The Arizona Cardinals released Darnell Dockett off of their roster. Should he be a player that the San Diego Chargers pursue? 

The San Diego Chargers need help up front on the defensive line. The team will be looking for some help in free agency or through the draft to add some players that could help out. We just mentioned the possibility of adding Kendall Langford onto the roster. He was just released from the St. Louis Rams and could make an impact up front for the Chargers.

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Another option just became available for the San Diego Chargers. Darnell Dockett was just released off of the Arizona Cardinals and could be another player that makes an impact up front. The Cardinals just reworked their deal with Larry Fitzgerald and tried to do the same with Dockett, but the two sides were unable to agree on a deal. Dockett believes he could get a better deal in the open market.

Dockett is returning from an ACL injury that kept him out for all of last season. We don’t know what type of player he would be returning from his injury. Will he still be the Pro Bowl type player that he was before the injury? The injury could keep teams from offering him a high contract.

If the Chargers are looking for players that can help up front, Dockett has to be considered. He would be someone that could provide an immediate impact and could take the starting role. He could be a player that the Chargers take a chance on and could bring a high reward for the team.

Imagine the defensive line with Dockett and Corey Liuget up front. It would be a big upgrade for the Chargers defensive line. That could then help out the rest of the defense to make impact plays.

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