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Chargers Meeting With Brandon Flowers’ Agent


Let’s all sit down, cross our fingers and hope that we get a notification on our phones that Brandon Flowers will be back with the Chargers for 2015.

There has been plenty of rumors that I’d been hearing about Flowers’ agent meeting up with the Chargers today (2/21), but Michael Gehlken confirmed the rumor earlier today. It is critical that this deal happens before 31 other teams start calling for Flowers’ agent with tons of money (Raiders).

Chargers have number of meetings scheduled today with reps of their impending free agents. CB Brandon Flowers and RB Ryan Mathews included.

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) February 21, 2015

In the off-season, King Dunlap and Flowers are the two players that fans demanded to be re-signed. Dunlap’s deal has been done, now it’s time for the other half.

Truth be told, the Bolts really just do not have time to deal with getting corners this off-season. It would be much better to give Flowers the money that he deserves, and keep him in San Diego instead of signing another Derek Cox. The deal should be around 6-8 million dollars a year, unless Telesco is able to pull off another magical cheap signing.

Get it done! Sign our shutdown cornerback, and the Chargers can start focusing more on free agency and the draft.