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Carson Councilman is clueless with Chargers-Raiders jersey (photo)


Carson Councilman Albert Robles is absolutely clueless wearing the Chargers/Raiders split jersey

If you have not lost your mind completely yet with the San Diego Chargers to Carson stadium idea, here is Carson concilman Albert Robles rocking a split San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders jersey. That is the most embarrassing thing to wear ever! Fans of both the Chargers and Raiders must want to kick that guy right in the balls. He has no idea on the rivalry there.

Carson Councilman Albert Robles with custom Chargers/Raider jersey

— Beto Duran (@DuranSports) February 20, 2015

That shows you how far gone the councilman is on the idea of sharing a stadium together.

To add a little more salt to this thing, here is a video to show you some of the plans that they have for this epic stadium:

They weren’t planning this thing out at all. That video was made at the very last second right? WRONG. It was all planned out.

I won’t lie, the stadium looks EPIC! The fact that the Chargers would be playing in it is amazing, but they are doing it in the wrong city.

The Chargers to Carson idea is alive and could be coming as soon as 2016. The fans are pissed about the idea. This should be an interesting season.

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