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Chargers logo on website no longer says San Diego


The San Diego Chargers website made a slight change in looks and a change to the logo was part of it.

The San Diego Chargers official website recently made a change and a little something was missing from the Chargers logo on the new look of the site. With all this talk about the Chargers picking up their things and possibly heading out to Carson, we have become a little more sensitive to little hints like this.

Check out what the logos look liked last year around draft time and what it looks like now:

Is that missing the words “San Diego” from the bottom of that logo? It sure is. You can click over to right now and see that “San Diego” is not part of the logo.

The fans are proud of their city and they want to be proud of their team, but it seems that the transformation was already being made. We probably would not have thought anything about the change, but with the possibilities of moving in the air, things like this get noticed.

Is this a clue to the future or is it a coincidence that they made that change?

There are a few logos on the page that still have the “San Diego” under them, but the main one at the top is missing. 

h/t Bolt Beat reader mrgroovesd

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