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San Diego Chargers players react on twitter about Carson stadium

By Ernie Padaon

Chargers players react to possible relocation to Carson.

The story about the San Diego Chargers possibly picking up their stuff and moving North to Carson has been released by the LA Times and a couple of San Diego Chargers have already seen the news. If the team were to move to Carson, they would do it in the 2016 season. This 2015 season would be a lame duck season in San Diego and the team would then get to play in LA.

Here was the instant reaction from a couple of San Diego Chargers on the news.

Carson?..with raiders?..

— Andrew Gachkar (@theGACH) February 20, 2015


— Corey Liuget (@CoreyLiuget) February 20, 2015

Oh yea, did I mention that the team would be sharing the stadium with the Oakland Raiders? Of all the teams that the Chargers could share a stadium with, it would be with the rival Oakland Raiders. That sounds like crazy talk.

In order to make the move, one of the teams would likely have to head to the NFC, but they are willing to make it happen. You wouldn’t want to see AFC West teams come through the stadium twice per season. That wouldn’t make much sense for the city.

This seems like a very possibly option for the Chargers. The stadium in San Diego is old and outdated. In order for the team to keep up with the times, they would need a new stadium or they will leave town to find a new one. If they can build one in Los Angeles, then that is where they will move.


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