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5 Reasons Why Importance Of Chargers 2015 Season Cannot Be Overstated

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As seen in recent history, a team can turn from dud to stud within a single year. This is exemplified through the Colts “suck for Luck” campaign. Drafting him alone put them back into playoff contention. In the same way, a teams success can also deteriorate within a single year as well. This was seen before our very eyes as the Falcons went 13-3 in 2012 and followed it up by going 4-12 in 2013.

There are too many factors that can play into each of these situations to list them all, but here are a few:

  1. Coaching changes
  2. Injuries
  3. Draft success
  4. Free agent losses/signings
  5. Team chemistry

With that said, here are five reasons why the 2015 season is the most crucial in the Chargers recent history.