San Diego Chargers free agency: Fixing the defense

By Sam Kweon
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December 20, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers free safety

Eric Weddle

(32) before the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi

What should the San Diego Chargers do in free agency to help fix that defense? 

Editor’s Note: Hello Chargers fans, it’s Sam Kweon here. After doing a ton of research on the team and watching film, I came up with this off-season guide. In this guide, I will NOT be going over all the players the Chargers should re-sign or pick up. This is meant to be an outline of major moves the Bolts need to make. Read all of it, and I think most of you would agree with me. Thanks!

There is a reason why fans, such as myself, love free agency. It’s an opportunity for teams to bring fresh and new faces into the organization, giving a team sort of a new look.

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As much as I would love to have B.J. Raji, Jason Worilds or Doug Free come into the team, there is a player that the Chargers must lock up first and foremost in the off-season.

Star cornerback Brandon Flowers.

According to (subscription required), Flowers had an 8.2 points season which put him at number 16 on the list. (Keep in mind that Jason Verrett had an 8.1 rating when he played)…. But the main key is how the Chargers were playing when they were healthy. Since we’re talking about Flowers, let’s get to the secondary.

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Do you happen to remember when the Chargers had Jason Verrett, Brandon Flowers, Eric Weddle and Marcus Gilchrist all on the field? These guys simply made each other better. That secondary was the same group that made this team the 4th best pass-defense team in the NFL. That’s the same group that can become the best secondary in the NFL (even Marcus Gilchrist).

The San Diego Chargers Should NOT release Marcus Gilchrist

Sure, Gilchrist was getting burned and picked on, but most of these kind of plays came when the defense was banged up. Gilchrist is a player that is just bad when he doesn’t have a good group around him. This is why number 38 isn’t a very good safety in the NFL, but he is worth keeping around if the trio (Verrett, Flowers, Weddle) can stay healthy. I am in no way saying that Gilchrist has to stick around. But there are such bigger needs on this team then to just get a new strong safety.

What bigger needs you ask?