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When Philip cries, we all cry (photo)


Philip Rivers could not hold back the tears at Nick Hardwick’s retirement.

There was a lot of people in attendance for Nick Hardwick’s retirement announcement today at Chargers park. The media was in full force and some of his teammates were in attendance as well. He is a favorite in the locker room and one of his biggest fans is his quarterback, Philip Rivers.

Rivers will be missing one of his best friends on the field and it was visible while he was fighting back the tears watching the announcement.

It is never easy to see a grown man cry. When it is our quarterback, then it makes it even more difficult to see.

We don’t think of Philip as someone that would just break down and cry, but when he does he can make some of the strongest break down in tears.

There has been a  a little hesitation with Philip and his future. He doesn’t know what he will do after the coming season. He doesn’t know where he will play or even if he will play. Losing one of his best friends on the field has to be part of the hesitation. We hope that he will be back, but his contract will be up at the end of the year.

You can see the great relationship between Nick and Philip when they compare who knows Philip better: Nick or Philip’s wife.

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