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There is nothing fun about the Pro Bowl


Eric Weddle and Darrell Stuckey are at the Pro Bowl practicing with Team Irvin. 

The Pro Bowl is going to be played on Sunday and the Chargers have a couple of reps from the team out on the field practicing. Eric Weddle and Darrell Stuckey will be on the field for the Chargers and will get their chance to play against some of the best in the game.

Most fans will not be following this game over the weekend. They will put it on if they are by the TV at the time of the game, but it won’t be a priority for fans to see.

Weddle will be participating in his 4th Pro Bowl of his career. This is a normal outing for him at the end of the year. We have seen him do his thing during these things before.

The excitement will be with Darrell Stuckey who will make his first appearance in the Pro Bowl. He made the team as a special teams player and he will get his chance to play some defense also.

I hope to see a few Chargers highlights after the game and I don’t want to hear about any major injuries. If we can get through this weekend like that, then we can just look forward to watching the Super Bowl.

I will be hoping that Weddle finds a way to deflate a ball on the sideline.  Can you make that happen Eric?

Here are some vines from the Chargers account to check in on Pro Bowl practice.