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Eric Weddle claims the beard has magical powers


San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl S Eric Weddle claims that his beard has magical powers. Guarantees a victory in the Pro Bowl. 

Chargers S Eric Weddle participated in the Pro Bowl draft on Wednesday night and was selected by Team Irvin. It was good to see Eric on the TV screen again and Eric was sure to entertain. He is just magic on the TV screen. That is not the only thing that is magical.

The announcer asked Eric about his beard and he answered exactly the way that we would think that Eric would answer. Here is a vine that was posted by the Chargers:

The beard has magic powers. We all knew that it had magical powers. Too bad he didn’t use those magical powers in the final game against the Kansas City Chiefs to bring some playoff joy to the city of San Diego.

Eric’s beard did get a little Rex Ryan on us as well. He guaranteed a win in the Pro Bowl.

Eric and fellow Charger Darrell Stuckey have both been selected by Team Irvin in the Pro Bowl draft. They will be looking to get the win this weekend in Arizona. At least they will be on the same squad. We are not sure if anyone will be watching the game though.

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