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San Diego Chargers Not Impressed With Mayor’s Task Force Proposal


On Wednesday night, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer gave the annual State of the City address in downtown and finally opened up about his plan to keep the Chargers in San Diego. The only problem is, there is no plan yet. The Chargers and their fans were all anticipating some new developments regarding the stadium issue, and were expecting some kind of plan.

The mayor announced that he will appoint a task force consisting of local civic leaders by the end of January to come up with plans for financing a new stadium. The task force is expected to come up with proposals by the fall and will be led by Steve Cushman, the architect for coming up with financing a new convention center expansion that was ultimately shot down in court.

Chargers Special Counsel Mark Fabiani said in a radio interview that they initially requested that Cushman not be involved in the stadium effort, but will be optimistic with what the task force can come up with.

“My goal is that when the season ends, we won’t be talking about whether the Chargers are moving. We’ll be talking about the proposal to keep them here where they belong.”-Mayor Kevin Faulconer

The Chargers have proposed a multi-purpose facility from JMI Realty that would include a new stadium and would have convention space in the same project, something far less expensive than having two separate facilities.

Once a plan is presented to the mayor in the fall, the city would need a two-thirds vote in the 2016 November election.

The timing on that potential vote could be coming at a critical time.

Here’s something to think about:

The San Diego Padres were recently awarded the 2016 MLB All-Star Game, which would take place the summer before a potential November vote on a new facility.  The All-Star game would come at a perfect time as it would give voters in San Diego a taste of a potentially huge economic impact a new stadium would bring to the region, as major events like Super Bowls, NCAA Final Fours, and other large conventions would come with building a new stadium and expanded convention space. Not to mention, we would keep Comic-Con in town for at least a few more decades.

Now it’s up to this task force and Mayor Faulconer to keep the Chargers where they belong.