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Chargers will have a stadium plan next season


The mayor said so… that must mean its true.

From the UT San Diego…

On the Chargers, Faulconer said he’ll assemble a task force of civic leaders later this month to craft the first comprehensive and complete proposal for a new stadium since the team declared Qualcomm Stadium unacceptable more than a decade ago.

He said the task force will, by the end of the year, create a financing plan and decide between two possible approaches: building a new stadium on the current Mission Valley site and building a stadium downtown as part of a convention center expansion.

“At no point in San Diego’s history has the possibility of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles been more real,” he said. “My goal is that when the season ends, we won’t be talking about whether the Chargers are moving. We’ll be talking about the proposal to keep them here — where they belong.”

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Is it more smoke or will something actually get done?