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Why does Eric Weddle look like Bane with this mask?


San Diego Chargers S Eric Weddle is prepping for next season already. He is working out and bought a Bane mask to help him look like a boss. 

Eric Weddle added a little extra piece of equipment to his workouts. Just look at this photo of Eric that he posted on his twitter:

Added a little something to the new workout regiment. MUST GET THAT RING. Had to get the special "beard version"

— Eric Weddle (@weddlesbeard) January 13, 2015

What in the world is that thing? Why is he wearing the Bane mask?

After some quick research, here is a mask that is similar on

Here is the description on this training mask:

Take your work out to a new altitude of efficiency and performance. The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 works as a resistance trainer for your lungs through the use of an adjustable valve system. The restriction of oxygen intake challenges your diaphragm and lungs to work on overtime, resulting in a stronger, faster, higher-performing athlete. Improve your endurance and overall health!

Eric is already prepping for next season. He still is going hard even though his regular season is over.

After talking about Bane, I just had to watch a scene with him in it and I am sure that you want to check something out on him also, so I linked it in. We can talk about Bane or Eric in the comments. IT IS THE OFFSEASON!