San Diego Chargers Keep Playoff Hopes Alive…. How They Did It

By Ernie Padaon
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Amazing, the Chargers are right back in this thing and have plenty of time to play. The defense has been playing great and the team just needs to make more stops to get the ball to Philip Rivers. If they can get the ball to Philip, the team would be sitting pretty.

Then this thing happened.

This is the one time the defense broke down in the 2nd half. And when it broke down… IT WAS BROKE DOWN.

San Francisco started the drive out at the 6 and looked like they were backed up again. On the 2nd play of the drive, Colin Kaepernick went back for a pass and got pressure right up the middle. Kaep was able to get away from the pressure and he put on the after burners. 90 yards later, the play deflated all the momentum that was built up.

Chargers 21 – 49ers 35