San Diego Chargers Keep Playoff Hopes Alive…. How They Did It

By Ernie Padaon
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Starting out the 2nd half of the game, Philip still wasn’t on fire. The offense started out the 2nd half with 2 consecutive 3-and-outs.

The defense was better prepped this time around though. They came back and forced a pair of 3-and-outs themselves to get the ball to Philip.

The team was able to get the ball on a short field after the defense made another stop on the San Francisco 13 yard line and Eddie Royal fair caught the ball at the San Diego 41. Nobody knows why Eddie called that fair catch since nobody was near him for 15 yards, but he made the call.

On the 2nd play in the drive Philip was able to hit Malcom with a big pass for 25 yards and got the team to the 33 yard line. The team was able to hit on some passes and get rolling a bit.

On the drive, the Chargers decided to go for it on 4th down from the 25 yard line. Instead of taking the 3 points, Mike McCoy went for more points and it paid off. That is not something that we usually see out of the Mike McCoy playcalling menu.

The Chargers converted on that 4th and 5 play and ended up getting a touchdown pass to Antonio Gates to get the team to within 14-28.

Chargers 14 – 49ers 28