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Chargers To Stay in San Diego For 2015


The San Diego Chargers announced that they will be staying put in San Diego, as much news has been circulating that the NFL is committed to bringing a team to Los Angeles. Special Council to the President Mark Fabiani announced on Tuesday that the Chargers are committed to searching for a resolution for a new stadium here in San Diego, at least for one more season.

Each season since 2007, the Chargers have been able to terminate their lease with the City of San Diego on a yearly basis with a termination fee just for just under $18 million. This news comes to some as expected, but others as relief as the stadium issue has been around for the better part of the past 14 years or so, and with Los Angeles knocking on the door of the NFL for a franchise.

Although the news is encouraging that the Chargers are still committed to getting a new stadium in San Diego, 2015 will certainly serve as probably the most important year ever to get the ball rolling on at least some progress on getting closer to a long-term solution in San Diego.