San Diego Chargers rooting against the AFC North

By Ernie Padaon
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We are closing out the regular season and the San Diego Chargers need help…. AGAIN. It wouldn’t be San Diego Chargers football in December if the team was in control of their own destination. Our team likes to roll out the drama all the way till the end of the season. It is perfect for high blood pressure and heart attacks. Every single game counts for the San Diego Chargers and Week 17 is always interesting. We are always waiting to see what other teams do, while we need a win ourselves.

We have a pair of games left and the Chargers are looking to sweep. The team needs to get to 10-6 to have a chance. The Chargers will still need teams in the AFC North to flop at the end of the year. We are scoreboard watchers… per the norm.

Which teams do we need to lose this time around? The best scenario for the Chargers to get in will involve the team winning their final 2 games. It still is possible to get into the playoffs with 9 wins, but there are too many teams that are looking to get in at this time and we would need for the world to fall apart.

The main teams we will be watching for the next 2 weeks are in the AFC North. There are three teams at the top of the division with 9 wins: Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals lead the division at the moment since they have 4 losses and a tie. The other two teams have 5 losses.

Let’s look at the scenario of the Chargers getting in the playoffs with 10 wins. (I believe this will be the only way to make it.) Here are the teams we will be rooting against: