If Ryan Mathews Does Not Return, Chargers Will Not Win Again

By Ernie Padaon

This San Diego Chargers offense has been frustrating to watch the last couple of weeks. The offense has struggled moving the ball and the run game has been non-existent. The only time that it makes and appearance is when Ryan Mathews is on the field. The Chargers went on a 3 game skid right before the BYE week while Ryan was out, but were able to snap out of that little dip when Ryan returned. Ryan Mathews was able to jump back on the field for the offense and jump start the team. .

Ryan is the best running back on the roster and somehow makes this offensive line look decent. When Ryan is able to run, it creates a threat for defenses to be aware of and opens up the field for the rest of the offense. It gives the team another playmaker on the field and helps Philip Rivers take some weight off of his shoulders.

Ryan returned from his injury and the team won 3 straight games before he was injured again. He hurt his ankle against the New England Patriots and the team was leading when he had to leave the field. Will he be able to get back on the field  this season? His health will determine how successful this team will be to end the year.

If he is not healthy, I don’t think that the Chargers will win the rest of the season. The Chargers have to go up against the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs to end the season. The 49ers are having their struggles, but if we can’t score on offense then we won’t be able to win. The Chiefs have a lot of pass rushers on their roster that will be looking to beat on Philip. The team needs to run to keep players off of Philip’s back.

When did Ryan Mathews become this important to the offense? He became that important when Danny Woodhead went down with a season ending injury and when Donald Brown failed to become the guy that we thought he was. Without a good running game and without a good threat out of the backfield to create first downs, this offense is stalling.

Ryan needs to be on the field for the team to win. Too bad that is a rare instance.