A Sea of Orange at San Diego Chargers game

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy was disappointed with the “home” fans last week when the New England Patriots came to town and the stadium was filled with fans from the road team. Those same fans likely went home and switched out their Patriots jerseys out and put on some Denver Broncos jerseys. Take a look at the crowd for the game on Sunday against the Broncos:

That would be a sea of ORANGE at the game. Where are the San Diego Chargers fans at? The Chargers sold out all their home games this season, but the Chargers got help from the road teams fans to fill up the Q. That is great for the owners of the team, but it SUCKS for the players on the field and for the real Chargers fans in the stadium. There really is no home field advantage in a game like this.

All the opposing teams fans showing up will just prep the Chargers to go on the road for the playoffs. When the Chargers get into the playoffs this season, they will be on the road and will need to pull off some tough wins. they are getting prepped while they are playing their games at home.

The Chargers better find a way to move the football on offense if they expect to get that far though. The “home” crowd of Broncos fans were able to see their team win and clinch the AFC West on Sunday against the Chargers since the team could not move the ball. The Chargers need to win out the final 2 games to hope for a spot in the playoffs. If they lose next week against the San Francsico 49ers, the team will need a lot of things to go in their favor in order to get to the playoffs. The game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be the biggest key to the playoffs, just like it was last season. This team knows how to keep the blood pumping.