Ryan Mathews Not Trusted on Offense

By Ernie Padaon

Can the San Diego Chargers put some trust in the run game in the second half of games with Ryan Mathews? Mike McCoy said that Ryan was healthy in the 2nd half, but they only gave him the ball 2 times in that half. He carried the ball 9 times for 52 yards in the first half against the New England Patriots, but those numbers were not good enough because we decided to just pass the rest of the game. They must not trust Ryan Mathews.

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Here is what McCoy said about Mathews in the game and abolut a possible injury.

“He came back in the game and played,” McCoy said. “You saw him do some good things in protection, things like that. He was back in the game.”

So if Mathews was healthy, then why didn’t he get the ball? It might have been better to say he was injured and that is the reason why you chose to go in a different direction in the run game.

This team needs to trust in the run game. It still has not trusted it this season. Last year, part of the emphasis on offense was to pound teams running the ball and to pick up easy conversions for first down. This team needs to trust in the run game with Ryan Mathews for more success. Keep him on the field and at least provide a threat in the run game.

This season, Ryan Mathews is averaging 4.5 yards per carry, but he only averages 12.3 rush attempts per game.  Last season he averaged 17 rushes per game and during the epic stretch of 4 wins at the end of the season, he averaged 26.7 rush attempts per game. Give Ryan the ball and control the line of scrimmage, control the clock and control the game. We must have forgotten how that all works out .