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Damnit Donald Brown


I don’t know how many rants I have already went on about San Diego Chargers RB Donald Brown this season, but he has given us another thing to lose our minds about in his underwhelming season. This season has been terrible for Donald! The team doesn’t trust him to run the ball any longer and he basically is used as another tight end/offensive lineman on offense. His main purpose is to block for Philip Rivers and then he will leak out at the end as an outlet.

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How many times did he run the ball for the Chargers offense on Sunday? ZERO TIMES! He was in the game for a solid amount of time and we didn’t give him one opportunity to run. No trust in his running ability. (I will give him some credit for picking up yards in the passing game though).

The worst part about Donald Brown’s performance on Sunday was his blocking on special teams. He allowed his man beat him badly and the punt was blocked and given to the Patriots in their territory which ended up turning into a touchdown. The worst part on the play, it ended up getting Mike Scifres hurt. Scifres landed hard on his shoulder and the timetable for his return is up in the air. We could have lost our punter for the year because of that play!

Damnit Donald!

Tom Telesco better re-evaluate this signing at the end of the year and see if it was worth it. Donald was one of the most expensive free agent running backs in the offseason and his production is a joke. He was supposed to be the player to fill in for Ryan Mathews when he gets injured in games, but they don’t even trust him to run the football. He has not been anything close to that option for the Chargers.