The Eddie Royal Effect

By Paul Maland

After watching the Chargers pass game struggle last night, I decided to crunch some numbers and take a look at particular players productivity in contrast to team success. The player that brought the most intrigue is Eddie Royal. Yes, our third receiver and slot man. Royal has been on hot streaks and then gone ice cold throughout his time in San Diego. But what happens when he produces? Does it truly effect the Chargers overall odds to win games? Take a look for yourself.

  • When Royal gains more than 30 yards in a game the Chargers have a record of 7-0.
  • When Royal gains 30 yards or less in a game the Chargers have a record of 1-5.

Its also interesting to note that arguably the teams’ two biggest wins this year were aided by a solid outing by Eddie. In a league shocking home victory against Seattle he hauled in 7 passes for 69 yards. Yet again last week against Baltimore, he exploded for 89 yards on 9 receptions including a game winning touchdown pass from 1 yard out.

Might I add that Royal has 562 receiving yards total this year, 295 of which coming as yards after catch. Calculate that out and you will see that he makes 53% of his productivity after the ball is in his hands. And we know that short throws have propelled our offense since Coach McCoy came to town. His chemistry with Rivers is undeniable when you see the 68% completion percentage for the year. That is slightly higher than both Malcom Floyd (63%) and Keenan Allen (66%).

By no means am I stating that he is the best receiver on the team, nor is he the guy defensive coordinators built a game-plan to stop. Keenan Allen gets the number one corner every game and Floyd always pulls a physical corner to defend his jump balls. Royal gets a lot of nickel and safety coverage which is expected. I do know we are on our fourth starting center and have an offensive line that gets exposed more often than not. Despite all the variables, it’s hard to argue with the stats.

Oct 12, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Eddie Royal (11) celebrates in the end zone after he caught a ball for a touch down during the first quarter while being defended by Oakland Raiders strong safety Usama Young (26) at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports