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Mike McCoy Out Coached Against Bill Belichick


The San Diego Chargers were out-coached on Sunday against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. The Chargers defense was ready to play and ready to handle Tom Brady and LaGarrette Blount, but the offense could not figure things. They gave up on the run game in the football game early and could not open the field for the rest of the receivers. Philip Rivers was getting frustrated and could not find anyone to throw the football and started throwing errant passes.

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Why in the world did the team give up on the run game? Branden Oliver was not effective when he got the football and then they kept Donald Brown on the field instead of keeping Ryan Mathews out there. Donald can’t run the football and the Chargers don’t trust him to run it. It sure seemed like Bill was ready for Donald Brown on the field. Ryan Mathews left the game after he was leg whipped, but it didn’t seem like the injury was the reason why he was not on the field. The team just gave up on the run game. Ryan Mathews did run the ball at a 4 yard average, but they stopped giving it to him. He could have set up some easier conversions for the team.

The Patriots attacked the middle of the offensive line and found success defending the receivers. Anything that the Chargers tried, it didn’t work. They didn’t have any answers and the playcalling was poor. Keenan Allen was taken out of the game. Antonio Gates was taken out of the game. Eddie Royal was out of the game. The Chargers could not figure anything out.

Shouldn’t this offense be rolling a lot better than it has been with an offensive coordinator as a head coach and a Pro Bowl quarterback running the team? Where were the adjustments in this game? Why did the team give up on the run game? Just plain out-coached and the team could not get into a rhythm.