Will latest Chargers Win be a catalyst for rest of season

By Ernie Padaon

I hate looking back at a loss from a few years ago, but remember the loss we had against the Baltimore when Ray Rice came up big on 4th and 24? That win sparked the Ravens into the playoffs and into the Super Bowl.That win changed their whole season around and sparked them on an incredible run. Don’t underestimate the value of a win and how it can carry over into the next game. Could the Chargers use their latest win to spark a run into the playoffs?

Wins like the Chargers pulled off in Baltimore carry over into the next few games. The team was on the road in a tough situation and had to battle throughout the game. They had to dig out of a hole and in the end came up with a huge victory.

The confidence that the team will have in Philip Rivers and the offense to march down the field for winning scores is even higher now after the win. The confidence in the team is a little higher. This is a win that the Chargers needed and will give them a little extra swag in their step when they step onto the field against the New England Patriots on Sunday. They are going to need it against a tough Patriots team. They have their eyes on the Super Bowl again and are coming off a tough loss.

Winning is contagious and the Chargers have pulled out victories in 3 straight games. The last two wins have been battles. The win on Sunday, will come in the same manner. They are going to have to fight it out all the way till the end. The confidence is there to pull off the win and that will be the thing that carries the team to victory at the end of the game.