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Nick Hardwick Looks Like A Man Ready for Retirement


San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardiwck suffered that “stinger” at the beginning of the year and that put him on the IR for the rest of the season. The team has had to use 4 other starting centers in his place since he has gone down with the injury. It has been a painful process finding a replacement for Nick, but based off of some recent photos of Nick, it looks like the team will have to find that permanent replacement. Chris Watt looks like he will be that replacement at the moment and if he performs he could lock down the position for 10 years like Nick.

Check out this photo that was posted on Reddit

Nick has really slimmed down since playing. It seems like he is a player prepping for retirement that has put the announcement on hold until the end of the year. We all knew that his retirement could be a possibility. We were wondering if he was even going to play this season, but he wanted to get at least one more year in because he believed it would be Philip’s best season. Nick wanted to make one more run with Philip. He only was able to last a couple of games this year, but his predictions on a fantastic season have come through.

Here is another photo of Nick that he posted on Instagram:

Lazy Saturday morning watching college football. #snoozefest #lounging #needmorecoffee

A photo posted by Nick Hardwick (@hardwina) on Dec 12, 2014 at 7:52am PST

He seems like he is ready to be a family man and move away from the game. His retirement is coming. He has had an amazing career with the Chargers and I hope the team does something great for him during his retirement. I just wish it could have ended in a different manner. Philip and company will do their best to make this season last as long as possible. He wouldn’t get a ring if he retired during the season… right?