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D.J. Fluker continues to struggle with speed rush


D.J. Fluker has been struggled at right tackle this season. He has not been able to handle elite speed off of the edge. The Chargers have had to help him out with a tight end on his side or with a chip from the back any time someone with that speed is lined up on his side.

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We saw Fluker struggle with that speed against the Baltimore Ravens right off the jump. On Philip Rivers’ first drop back for a pass in the game, Elvis Dumervil was hanging on Phil’s arm and forced an interception. That wasn’t the last time that Dumervil was quickly in the backfield. It happened multiple times and it has been an issue the whole season.

Fluker still could be dealing with an ankle injury of some sort, but the team has not shared any injury information on that. Like our team would share injury information.

There is no solution for the issue this season. Fluker just needs to keep grinding and hope that he can get out there to stop those pass rushers. We face off against some top speed pass rushers to close out the season too. Von Miller will be out there. Justin Houston. Aldon Smith. Tamba Hali. The team will need to get help out there and Philip will need to get the ball out in a hurry.

What will the team do in this offseason to correct the issue? Will they find someone that can handle the right tackle job and move Fluker inside to the guard spot? It would be the best solution for the team if they can find that player that can handle the right tackle job. Fluker wouldn’t have to deal with the speed rush on the outside and can dominate inside. It would be a perfect move for him.

The team needs to upgrade that offensive line in the offseason for Philip Rivers and moving Fluker inside should be part of the plan. They need to find that player that can handle the job at right tackle. I hope the Chargers make the transition… which likely means they will not.

What do you think the Chargers should do with D.J.?