Keenan Allen Finally Making Impact Plays He Made Last Season

By Ernie Padaon

The connection between Keenan Allen and Philip Rivers is getting a little tighter. The chemistry between the two is getting a little closer. The two seemed a bit off to start out the year. They seemed to be on opposite pages. There were moments where you could see the frustration from Philip toward his star receiver. That frustration has not been there since the BYE week though. You can see the two building up the chemistry and the production has been seen on the field.

Allen was quiet during the first 10 games of the season. He still was putting up numbers, but he wasn’t making many impact plays for the team. He finished with 1 game over 100 yards through the first 10 contests and only scored 1 touchdown during that time. His only good star performance came against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was a decoy for all the other games. In the past 2 games, Allen has passed the 100 yard mark and has scored 3 touchdowns. Something has shifted.

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Allen went from the secondary option to the primary option on offense. It as helped Philip and the offense get his groove back. Malcom Floyd, Eddie Royal and Antonio Gates got a lot of the attention early in the year and they were making the impact plays on offense. Allen coasted through the first part of the season while the other guys made plays. It seemed like Allen was adapting to having a legit option on the other side of the field. Allen was playing with Vincent Brown as the only option on the field last year and this year Malcom Floyd was back in the mix.

Allen has stepped up in the last couple of games. Hopefully he is comfortable with his role on offense. He has finally become that playmaker we saw all of last season. He is stepping up at the perfect time. The Chargers need to make a run into the playoffs and the play of Allen will help boost this team.

We all knew that Allen was a playmaker. Finally he is playing like it.