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Justin Bieber has cursed the New England Patriots for us


The New England Patriots are in Southern California all week in order to prep for the game this weekend. Why wouldn’t they want to be in SoCal to enjoy the awesome weather, even though there will be rain for a couple of days this week.

With the Patriots in town, a few of the players wanted to head north to Los Angeles last night in order to catch a Los Angeles Clippers game. After the game, those players were invited to the locker room by Clippers head coach Doc Rivers and guess who was in the locker room with them… Justin Bieber.

OMG!!!! Every girl’s dream!

Isn’t that perfect news for pop culture? Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowski at the same place at the same time?

Check out some of the photos that were posted by the guys in the locker room:

NBD hanging out with the beibs #PatriotsNation meet #justinbeiber

— Jonas Gray (@jgray_ND25) December 2, 2014

Justin Bieber has that Home Alone pose going on. I have no idea what that is all about at all.

Here he is with some crazy pose again with Gronk:

I don’t know what that pose is all about. I guess that is what the cool kids do these days.

The big question: Will the Justin Bieber curse rub off on the New England Patriots?

Justin Bieber’s curse is like the Madden Curse or the Sports Illustrated Curse. Once Bieber is rooting for your team or is in contact with your team, a collapse will happen.

The curse struck earlier this season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bieber showed up to a bible study with the Steelers and that weekend the Steelers were facing off against the lowly New York Jets. The Jets had a record of 1-8 at the time, but they stood up to the Steelers and knocked them out that weekend. It was an embarrassment for the Steelers to lose that weekend and could be a big blow for their playoff chances this year.

After the Chargers win this weekend, we can all send a thank you letter to Justin Bieber.