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John Harbaugh Doesn’t Understand Pass Interference


Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh still doesn’t believe that his player committed the pass interference in the end zone on Malcom Floyd. I don’t know what he was seeing on the play, but here are some of his comments:

“My understanding is that both players, the offensive and defensive player, are supposed to have an opportunity to go make a play on the ball,” Harbaugh said. “I saw a corner trying to make a play on the ball with a forearm in his chest and clavicle area being held down, not allowed to jump for the ball.

“That’s a disappointing situation. I think a corner should be given the chance to defend, and I know he wasn’t given a chance to defend on that play. That’s not fair to the player. Players should be the guys determining the outcome of the game in a situation like that, without question.”

Looking at the play, Anthony Levine held onto Malcom before he even looked for the ball. How can you play for the ball without even knowing where the ball is? Somehow the announcers were saying that it could be called on Malcom as well. That would have been crazy!

Just look at this image from the play:

John Harbaugh thinks this isn't PI. "Players should be determining outcome." The DB has Floyd in a damn bear hug

— Kyle Posey (@The_KP_Show) December 1, 2014

How is that not a pass interference on Levine? How is he playing for the ball on this play? He was grabbing to all that he could so that he didn’t get burned for the final touchdown of the game.