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San Diego Chargers a game ahead of all teams in wildcard


The San Diego Chargers are a game ahead of all the other teams that are fighting for the wild card spot after winning against the Baltimore Ravens and they are only a game out from the AFC West lead. The Broncos would likely hold the tie breakers against the Chargers if the two teams tie at the end of the regular season because of their record in the AFC West, so the team would need to have a better record than them at the end of the year in order to steal the West.

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The possibility is there and the Chargers would have to do a lot to make it work out. They would have to beat the Broncos at home in a couple of weeks and likely would have to win at least 3 of their final 4 games in order to make it out as the AFC West Champs. Even taking 3-of-4 might not even get the team the West, but that playoff spot would likely be locked in

Could you imagine stealing the West? That would be a steal of the century and the team would be sitting with a first round BYE while Peyton Manning would have to go through the wild card round in the playoffs.

Do I think it is impossible? We have to face off against the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs in order to make it happen. They would have to sweep through it, but I still believe that the team could make it happen. This team is known for the runs at the end of the year. This team has made improbable runs in the past to get into the playoffs. This improbable run could get the team the West. Oh how sweet that could be.