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San Diego Chargers are Alive


San Diego Chargers 34 – Baltimore Ravens 330

The San Diego Chargers are ALIVE!!!!!!!! What a great win by the San Diego Chargers to increase their chances for a playoff spot.

After losing 3 straight games in the middle of the season, the critics were down on the Chargers and people could not believe that they were contenders.  One professional writer even said that the Chargers will lose the rest of the games this season. He wrote that before the Chargers beat the Rams last weekend. The Chargers are playing against the world right now and that is the way that the Chargers love it.

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Now the team has beaten a pair of solid teams and the Raiders. The Chargers already have started their playoff run. They need to beat teams that are in the hunt for the playoffs. The rest of the schedule is going to be ridiculous, but it will get the team prepped for their run at the end of the year. Any win down the stretch will boost the chances for that spot in the playoffs.

After 3 straight wins, this team is showing heart. The team is finding ways to pull out magic. Phillip Rivers led this team to the comeback win. The offensive line is beat up. The defense is grinding through games, but the team is finding ways to win.

The circumstances were not in the Chargers favor on Sunday. The team was on the road in Baltimore and it was cold out and the game was played at that 10am San Diego start time. Those are some losing circumstances for the team, but they were able to overcome.

This team is working their tails off and they want to prove that they are contenders. This stretch at the end of the season will let people know if we are a contender or pretender. The Critics will not be able to deny that we are contenders when we make it into the playoffs. With the quality of opponents left on the schedule, the Chargers are in a spot where they will prove that they are legit.