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Philip Rivers Nominated for Fed-Ex Air Player of the Week


The running game was back in the mix on Sunday with Ryan Mathews on the field and guess who came back to life. Philip Rivers had a 2nd half performance in that game that was incredible. He finished the 2nd half of the game going 14-for-15 for 185 yards and a touchdown. The team scored 21 points in the half after only scoring 6 points in the first half. Philip is getting nominated for the Fed-Ex Air Player of the Week. Remember when he was nominated at a weekly basis?

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He was a little off in the first half and even gave up an interception in the red zone that was returned for a score. He was slightly off target with that pass and it was picked off. If he threw that pass to Keenan’s inside shoulder, then it probably would have been a touchdown.

In the final drive in the first half, Mike McCoy refused to sit on the ball and instead looked to add points on the scoreboard. He called a timeout to get more time for his quarterback and the team delivered with a field goal. The team was efficient and quick in the final drive and it set up the team for the 2nd half.

It is good to see Philip getting nominated for the award all over again. We need him to get hot again and carry this team on his back. He has the weapons to make it happen and now he has a running game that can help him out as well. The final few games on the schedule will be rough, but if we can have Philip playing in top form, we will be able to compete with anyone.