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San Diego Chargers back to taking what defense gives them


How nice was it to see that quick passing offense again? We had struggled with blocking up front and the team was still looking to stretch the field with Malcom in the last few games. We took our focus away from the quick passing attack. We brought it back against the Rams. We went back to that efficient offense that takes what the defense gives us.

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Against the Rams, the team brought back those quick screen passes to the wide receivers that had worked earlier in the year with Eddie Royal. They ran the play to Eddie and to Keenan  this weekend and were successful watching them create yards after the catch.

The team has players that can create after the catch. Both Keenan and Eddie can make people miss in the open field and they were able to show off that ability this weekend. Those quick screens to the receivers need to be a staple for the offense. Let them create in the open field and let the big men work in front of them.

Allen made a few things happen in the game despite that one fumble. The team needs to get him involved more. Philip has been looking for Malcom a lot this season, but Allen has shown his ability to be a playmaker in a quick hit offense and for some reason we have shifted our attention away from him. Sure, the defense puts a couple of defenders on him, but the defenders still shouldn’t be able to slow all the short quick routes that Allen excels in.

With Royal sitting out with an injury, the team could look to get Allen more looks in the slot and more looks with the screen. We saw what he can do. Let him get more touches.

We need to stick with the quick passing gameplan. It has been successful in the past and needs to be the way we attack defenses. If the run game can help support that offense, then we should be able to get this offense back on the horse.