San Diego Chargers Logo Pancakes Sound like Delicious Art

By Ernie Padaon

Anybody hungry for some pancakes? How about San Diego Chargers shaped pancakes? What is your favorite breakfast food? We do live in breakfast town USA, so you better love some good breakfast food. Before we start to dive in these awesome pancakes that this dude is grilling up, let’s talk about some of the bomb breakfast spots in town. Where do you all like to get some of the best breakfast in San Diego?

I love heading out to some of the beach cities and getting some of that bomb breakfast. One of my faves is still Konos. I can’t help but love that atmosphere right next to the beach and the price is so dang nice as well. We balling on a budget here!

Anyway, let’s get back to these pancakes. This dude right here grilled up pancakes in the shape of every team’s logo. Here is the San Diego Chargers logo that he created:

Check out the rest of the division right here. PANCAKES. Who knew that it could be an art form? I just want to eat them up and don’t really care too much what they look like, but if there was a spot that was selling some Chargers logo pancakes, I am pretty sure that I would head out to that spot and order some pancakes from that joint.

Get out and rock the vote for the best pancake logo here.

Now, can we get some Eric Weddle shaped pancakes done?

Just for your reference, the dudes name is Nathan Shields and you can see some of his other work at