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San Diego Chargers Practice report: Ohrnberger, Carrethers Not Practicing


Ryan Carrethers and Rich Ohrnberger were out again for practice on Friday. I can’t see them getting into the game without even hitting the practice field this week.

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Look for Chris Watt to get the start at center on Sunday. I could be wrong, but I think this is his first start of the year. Every chance that he has had the opportunity to start, the team had went in another direction instead. Even at guard, the team kept trotting Johnnie Troutman out there with the starting group. I hope the kid has an amazing game. The Rams are sure to test him and the rest of that interior line. It has been the softest part of the line. Hopefully Watt can bring a little something to the game.

Watt has been playing though. He has gotten the snaps when Ohrnberger has had to take a seat. He has gotten his opportunities to play, but this will be his first start.

Ryan Carrethers got the start for the team last week in the middle of the defense, but had to jet out early because of a dislocated elbow. There was some chatter that he would be able to get back in the game immediately if they wrapped it up, but he hasn’t hit the practice field yet with the injury.

Jahleel Addae will be another injury that we will be looking out for. He was limited in practice yesterday because of the concussion. We will see what the report has on him today. He would be a nice player to have on the field against the Rams.