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Philip Rivers: Comments on injury via Deadspin are hilarious


Philip Rivers injury has been the topic this week and it has even found its way to Deadspin. i guess it is a huge deal. I didn’t read the post on Deadspin, but the folks here notified me that the comments over there are hilarious. I opened up that post and went directly to the comments section and loved everything about it.

Let’s take a look at some of these comments from Deadspin!

I can’t stop laughing and for some reason the comment with Andy Reid’s ribs have made me want to hit up Phils’s BBQ to get some beefy ribs.

I needed some comedy on that Philip Rivers injury. Was tired of hearing about the “controversy” on that whole deal.

I don’t care if Philip is hurt or not. If he steps on the field as our quarterback, he needs to perform. If something is holding him back from performing, then it is his fault for stepping onto the field. We love that he is stubborn to a point. We love that he tough it out… until it actually hinders are team.

Is Philip hurting? Who really knows.