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Questioning the use of Ryan Mathews


Ryan Mathews was back on the field for the San Diego Chargers, but he was used in a limited fashion. He only took carries between the 20s.What did everyone think about the use of Ryan Mathews in his first game back on the field? I know it was his first game back on the field, but it likely will be insight on how he will be used for the rest of the season.

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I hated it! I loved the way that Ryan Mathews ran the football in his opportunities, but he didn’t get any touches in the red zone. He was used between the 20s for the whole game, but I couldn’t get behind that.

Ryan was running great! Why not stay with the hot back? When Ryan brought the team to the red zone, the team took him out and allowed Branden Oliver to take the carries and snaps down in that area. The drive stalled and we had to settle for a field goal there. I understand the fear that the team has with Ryan fumbling the football, but they need to keep rolling with the hot hand. If they have that much fear of him turning the football over, then they might not want to give him the ball at all!

Branden Oliver looked good in his chances, but this team needs to stick with the hot hand. If Oliver is killing it on the field, then we give him the rock. This week, Ryan should have gotten the rock more.

I hope that it was done to get Ryan comfortable again, but I doubt it. I am pretty sure that I will not be a fan with the way we are going to handle this running back by committee. There is one back that is obviously better than the others, but he is splitting the carries with all of them.