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Mike McCoy Denies Philip Rivers Has Severe Injury


San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy has denied that Philip Rivers has any sever injury this season. He has been practicing every day and has not seen treatment, so Mike believes he is fine. Mike McCoy is denying that Philip Rivers has a severe rib injury. He has gone out in front of the press to tell them that Philip has not received any treatment for the injury and he has not missed any practice, so he doesn’t believe that it is a severe injury.

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Mike McCoy doesn’t say anything about injuries in the first place and we are trusting him with this infrmation. We already know that we can’t trust Philip Rivers with any injury news. Philip will deny every injury that he suffers then talk about it later in the year when the season is over. He doesn’t like to talk about any of his injuries at all.

Philip is expected to play this weekend against the St. Louis Rams despite the beating that he took against the Raiders. He left the field a couple of times with a little hitch in his step.