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San Diego Chargers: What Will Jerry Attaochu Bring?


San Diego Chargers LB Jerry Attaochu will be returning to the field this weekend and should be able to bring a renewed life to the struggling pass rush. 

Jerry Attaochu should be back on the field again. We still are not sure what he brings to the team and we all are holding out hope that his first game on the field in which he picked up a sack-fumble and blocked a punt is the guy that we will see every time that he gets on the field. We hope that he will be able to get pressure on the quarterback and will be able to force them to get rid of the football quick.

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We hope that, but we still are not sure if he can get it done. His injuries have kept him off of the field for a few games and he has been on and off of hte field a lot since his injury.

If he is able to bring some pressure to the quarterbacks, it will be a relief for the rest of the defense. Dwight Freeney has been doing the heavy lifting in the pass rush department, but has not had much help from the other guys on t he team. Melvin Ingram will likely be able to bring the heat as well. The retuning players are huge for the pass defense.

Will they be able to bring the heat?