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Ryan Mathews Will Kill It On Sunday vs Raiders


Some San Diego Chargers fans believe that the run game can’t exist with this offensive line. I believe that Ryan Mathews will make this o-line look good. 

Ryan Mathews is going to get back on the field and kill it for the San Diego Chargers. I just have a feeling thath e will get his touches and show the other backs on the roster that yards can be picked up with this offensive line. It will open up a whole new world for the offense and should create more opportunities in the passing game and will free up Branden Oliver more.

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Ryan Mathews is the only player that is coming back from injury that will help the offensive side of the ball, but his presence will be big. He has the speed to pick up a ton of yards on the outside and he will also be able to pick up a quick 4 running in between the tackles.

Ryan doesn’t lose yards. That is something that he has always brought to the table and he usually is able to pick up 3 to 4 yards on those short runs.

Just getting someone on the roster that can pick up yards on the ground will be huge for the team. The offensive line has to do better, but Mathews does have the talent to crete some yards with his talent. It won’t be the prettiest, but I believe that Ryan will get back on the field and remind us of the run game that we were supposed to have this season.

That will get some people in a better role on offense. Branden Oliver can move to the 3rd down back role. Things will be better on offense and Ryan will prove his value to this team.