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Despite Bye, Everything Went Right For the Chargers Today


The playoff race for the wild card spot was getting heavily competitive. There were experts claiming that even a team at 10-6 won’t make the playoffs in certain situations in the AFC this year, which is bad news for the San Diego Chargers who stand at a glam 5-4.

Yet, pretty much everything went RIGHT for the Chargers in week 10.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers went down to the NEW YORK JETS! They are going to be “In The Hunt” after this week.
  • The Miami Dolphins GO DOOWWNNN to the Detroit Lions in a nail-biting finish. The Dolphins are now 5-4.
  • Now here’s a more tricky situation, but it is a good thing that the Chiefs beat the Bills today. If the Bills won, they would be at the top of the playoff wild card race, and the Chargers can’t control what they do. But now that the Chiefs are at the top, keep in mind that the Bolts get the chance to play them again in week 17 (which could be yet another playoff deciding game).
  • Oh and by the way, the Raiders are beating the Broncos at the moment.
  • The only thing that didn’t bode well for the team is that the Ravens won, but it’s not as a big deal as the other games.


Sam Kweon