Chargers: 10 Reasons to PANIC!

By Mike Murray

The last 3 games have been rough for the Chargers.  Will the week off get them back to playing great football?  OR IS IT TIME TO PANIC?!?

If you have lost hope let me push you over the edge.  Here are ten reasons why the Chargers might have a good shot at landing Danny Shelton in next year’s draft.

1. Injuries – Hardwick, Clary, Flowers, Verrett, Teo, Ingram, Attachou, Matthews, Woodhead, Brown, Addae, Orhnberger, Legursky, Wright  have all missed time.  That’s a lot of starters on the bench.  Can we can compete for a whole season with second string guys?

2. The Running Game – 3.1 yards per carry… last in the league

3. Pass Protection – The O-line had given Phil just enough time to complete passes for most of the first half of the season, but it has been just enough time. In Miami they looked like revolving doors.

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4. Lack of a Pass Rush – Since the Oakland game opposing QBs have had all day in the pocket

5. Run Defense – 4.4 per carry… near the bottom of the league

6. Donald Butler – This one hurts me as this guy is a fellow Husky, but he seems to have a lack of interest.

7. Teo’s Glass Foot – The dude needs to be on the field.  He is getting close to being certified as the first TT bust.

8. The Fragility of our CB’s – Wright, Verrett and Flowers are a good trio, but they have all missed time and Verrett may not be back this season.  Can these guys even stay healthy?

9. We got blown out by the freaking Dolphins!

10. Did I mention injuries?