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San Diego Chargers Announce No Blackouts This Season

By Ernie Padaon

It is about time to get some good news on our San Diego Chargers. This is more about watching the games on television over anything, but the team has announced that there will not be any blackouts for the rest of the season:

Chargers announce no home games will be blacked out this year. First season without a blackout since 2009.

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) November 6, 2014

That is pretty impressive. The team finally has been able to sell all the tickets for every single regular season game this year. There is some faith on this team and we believe that the team will make a run after the BYE.

The team has potential and there are a number of players making it back to the field after the BYE. That has to give some faith to the fans out there. Having a lot of those guys make a return should turn some things around for the season.

Coming back from the BYE, the Chargers will get a couple of soft games before they have to deal with some real touch competition. We will see how the team will be able to make that bounce back.

At least we know that we will be able to watch the games in the comfort of our living rooms if we wanted to.