San Diego Chargers Players Returning After the BYE

By Ernie Padaon
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Who is coming back for the San Diego Chargers? With all the injuries on the roster, we tend to forget a name here and there that will be returning for the team. Here is a list of impact players that will be back on the field after the BYE week.

We could use all the help that we can get. The team has been struggling and will not get much love on the offensive line after the break. The next two weeks will be nice for some of the nagging injuries that the big men up front have been dealing with though. D.J. Fluker has been hobbling around on the field. Hopefully this break will get him back to healthy and he will be able to play better out there.

Rich Ohrnberger has been in and out of practice all season because of some back issues. The break could be good for him as well. We needed this break. We needed to get some rest and we needed to sit around and think about this beating that we just took.

Here is a list of key players that will be back after the BYE: