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San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardwick: This is Rock Bottom


San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardwick is not able to get on the field to help his team out. His absence is one that we all are looking at and wondering where we could be with him back on the field. He is a stud in the middle of the offensive line and would have been a huge upgrade in their turnstile offensive line.

He went onto the radio to share his thoughts on the team and said that this is rock bottom:

“This is rock bottom for the team, this is as low as you can get. A historical loss, I don’t think there has been a shutout in the last, at least, 11 years that I know of. This is rock bottom, there’s really only one place to go: is moving upward from here,” Hardwick said, via XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego. “And I do believe that, I do believe they’re going to re-evaluate. They’re just going to have a better solution moving forward for the guys that we’re currently working with, for the players and talent that we have. With the guys in, with the guys out with the injuries, they’re going to have a better solution moving forward.” – Pro Football Talk

The confidence of the team has to be shot. The team needs a few good things to go in their direction to help them get back on track. Just a few weeks ago, this team was riding high, but there has been a downward spiral since the team beat the Oakland Raiders.

They will face the Oakland Raiders when they return from the break. We will need to kick things into high gear if we want to think about the playoffs. Beating the Raiders will be the first step. If we come out after the break and lose to Oakland, we might as well pack up and call it done.