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Are You Gonna Cry?


Man… I am cracking up right now.

Let me tell you a story…. about baseball… and my days of glory.

I had this TOTAL a-hole of a baseball coach when I was growing up. I hated him, because he would start his son at first base, even though he was just “OK”, and he wouldn’t even allow an open competition. His buddies were assistant coaches, and he made them starting pitcher & catcher. I actually felt bad for their sons, at times. Their Dad’s made it absolutely miserable for them, putting way too much pressure on the three of them to be “winners”. They didn’t even try to hide it. Lol. But, that was the 80’s… before kids had rights.

He used to have this evil phrase when you struck out. You already felt like crying, because we were 12, and your mama was watching. But, he would say “why don’t you go get the Cry-Towel”? If you didn’t, he would get it for you, and throw it in your lap. Your lip would tremble… and then, you would have a 50/50 chance of holding back the tears… out of shear anger. He was an evil bastard, I truly wanted to hurt him. Coach McMahon.

We went to the allstars that year. I got in the paper for making a game-saving throw to take us to the state championship. We got shelled in the ensuing game. But, I didn’t cry that day. None of us did. We were bummed, but proud. Coach McMahon threw us a giant pizza party, and the cry towel was forgotten. We gave our best effort, but we were just outplayed.

I know McCoy tries to maintain an even-keeled approach to coaching this team. Trying to get them to “buy in”, and all that Jazz. I hated my coach for it back then… but, maybe it’s time for McCoy to bring in the towel boy. I can think of about ten players who could use that kind of motivation RIGHT now. I think some fans could use it too. A chill pill pails in comparison to what I have in mind. McCoy & Pagano get one too.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence.

Peter Thompson